Project Management Intern

The Project Management Intern role lays the foundation for experience within a digital agency environment & culture where you learn to operate without limits. Your job is your job, but your success and the success of those around you is your passion, and you can not only spot opportunities to help others, you can act on those opportunities.

At StudioLabs, we love our Project Management Interns and it shows. As an intern on the production team, you’ll get hands-on experience working alongside a highly-skilled production and development team utilizing current web technologies on real client projects.

You don’t write code in your day to day as a Project Management Intern, but you may have for school projects or side learning. You’ve been naturally curious about web and mobile development builds for long enough to know how these things get built, but want to hone and take your project management/product management skills to the next level. You’re inquisitive about technology and like to learn from other team members. 

The day to day responsibilities of a Project Management Intern focuses on: 

  • Shadowing the production team during different phases of the project lifecycle (New Project Discovery & Definition, Development, Quality Assurance Testing, Maintenance/Support, etc.).
  • Participating in light wireframing and other technical documentation creation.
  • Writing development and feedback tickets, participating in vendor invoice review, creating project burn-downs, and other light project finance tasks.
  • Quality Assurance testing for website and native app updates, as well as UX deliverables (wireframes, site maps, designs).
  • Leading entry-level project tasks, such as maintenance requests or small product features
  • Organizing client and documentation within Atlassian Confluence and Google Drive, including adding and updating project decision logs.
  • Content population work, e.g. updating/adding page copy, press releases, blog entries
  • Implement SEO optimizations including meta descriptions, page titles, and redirects.
  • Gaining experience with common Content Management Systems, including WordPress, Drupal, and Shopify.
  • Minor Research Projects: Examples include researching SEO best practices for upcoming sites, or finding examples for ecommerce Add to Cart placement.

What we’re looking for in our next Project Management Intern:

  • A student enrolled in a Computer Science program, or equivalent development boot camp with a focus on project/product management. Those who have completed technical project/product management classes are given preference.
  • Strong communication skills: You understand the bigger picture intuitively. You know how to ask the right questions to develop peer to peer relationships and stakeholder relationships. Your written and verbal communication skills are balanced between listening to understand and using your voice with stakeholders at all levels. 
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to details: Check lists, timelines, and documentation gets you excited; you know how to balance multiple priorities and understand dependencies between tasks and team approaches. 

About Us:

StudioLabs is a full-service creative technology and digital production shop that operates without limits. No idea is too small to love, and no project is too big to be handled with detail-oriented care. For over 19 years, StudioLabs has served direct clients and agencies, as well as funded startups and software shops. We understand the digital landscape; navigate it; and collaboratively release thoughtful, stellar work into the real world.
While they represent only the tip of the iceberg, StudioLabs’ clients include direct relationships like Estee Lauder, Central Park conservancy, and ESPN, as well as agencies like Momentum Worldwide and McCann, and SaaS companies like Gladly and Zype.
Joining a company of about 45 team members in a remote workforce and doing consistently great work with unflappable kindness is difficult, but energizing and rewarding in equal measure.  StudioLabs understands what it means to be human, and we take every measure to allow our team members the kind of work-life balance you won’t get at larger places and startups. 

The perks, goodies, and package:

We know that the life of a Project Management Intern can sometimes be hectic, so we offer flexible work hours, paid holidays, and a remote office environment that’s both relaxed and energetic at the same time. Yes, it’s a job… we all work hard and put in an honest day’s work here at StudioLabs… but we also take care of our team members.
Internship details include:
  • Full time Summer hours 
  • Hourly pay, paid holidays/PTO, and paid lunches.
  • Remote Internship, which means your location within the USA is fine with us. EST, Buffalo, NY & NYC/NJ locations are preferred, but not required.
  • Hardware of choice; a technology driven work culture, and mentorship.
  • Opportunity to participate in company sponsored events both virtual and in person.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, the potential opportunity to continue to work through semesters part-time/flex or join us full time post graduation. There is ample opportunity to grow alongside us in your chosen track with abundant learning opportunities across tech stacks, management tracks, leadership tracks.
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