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For the past 21 years, StudioLabs has been at the forefront of digital innovation, collaborating seamlessly with advertising, social, digital, PR, and marketing firms to shape the future of the industry. With an extensive portfolio of agency partners of all sizes, ranging from a three-person agency to one of the top 5 agencies globally, our journey is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Why Partner with StudioLabs

  • 1. Expertise and Stability – 21 Years in business
  • 2. A Trusted Partner – Over 60 agency relationships
  • 3. Unparalleled Experience – 1000’s of digital products built

StudioLabs – Where Experience Meets Innovation

With a legacy built on trust, expertise, and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital possibilities, StudioLabs is your reliable partner in achieving unparalleled success. Whether it’s custom software development for marketing firms, mobile app development, PWAs, or web development, you can count on our team to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Explore the possibilities with us today.

Staff Augmentation

In 2019, a Brooklyn, NY based digital agency hired our team to step in and help with front-end development of a new website for a Fortune 100 entertainment company.

Members of our development team worked alongside the agency’s in-house team for over 3 months, building out the UI / frontend using modern JavaScript and CSS. While our team members were not on-site at the Brooklyn-based agency’s headquarters, our teams worked seamlessly and efficiently together, using industry-standard best practices, development processes, and tools. Our frontend developers’ work was overseen internally by a StudioLabs engineering lead, ensuring that all code was properly QA’ed prior to pushing to the agency’s staging environment. When StudioLabs is hired for staff augmentation, you’re not just getting hired guns for development, but you’re getting proven processes, as well as engineering and project management oversight, to ensure our developers are delivering successful outcomes for your agency team.

Website Consolidation

A global automotive services organization with headquarters in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom, along with their partner creative agency, engaged StudioLabs to organize and consolidate 22 web properties associated with 7 business divisions and 22 independent companies wholly owned by the automotive organization, into a single enterprise presence to bring their new brand architecture, strategy, and corporate identity to life.

The StudioLabs team built a new corporate website on WordPress using the Gutenberg Block Editor for the platforms. Gutenberg blocks allow agility and control over the entire Enterprise level site experience. The site incorporates HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP and includes sticky main navigation with mega menus, image carousels, in-page transition effects and animations, region language switchers and custom in-page filtering for posts.

With this project, we integrated with multiple third party services such as Salesforce Pardot for custom form display and routing, UberFlip to dynamically serve personalized recommended content to the visitor, and Kuebix order tracking for a seamless end to end user experience.

Common Backend System

StudioLabs worked with one of the world’s largest experiential agencies to gather requirements for and build a universal and flexible CMS/backend that can support various applications while unifying all data collection and management through a single system and serve as a starting point for future activations.

This one-time build allows the agency and the end client to realize value through turnkey features and benefits

  • Reduced startup costs
  • Global registration
  • Custom data collection and reporting
  • Marketing opt-ins
  • Custom opt-ins
  • Integration with a prize fulfillment partner
  • Basic post-event e-mail system
  • Ability to include in-app advertising for inbound marketing

Health care - Branded Costumer Site

Using WordPress as a foundation, StudioLabs partnered with a large NYC-based agency to design and build a new consumer-facing website for one of the nation’s most well-known weight loss drugs. The user experience is focused on educating and guiding a patient through the process of finding a doctor, speaking to a doctor, signing up for a savings card or a weight loss program, creating a printable discussion guide with a patient BMI calculator, and checking online purchase eligibility by state. The site was built on a highly customized, fully mobile responsive WordPress install with third-party API integration with a health care information technology company to send enrollment information. The site is also integrated with another third-party healthcare provider to find local weight-loss doctors. StudioLabs worked with the client to go through several rounds of medical, legal review and FDA submission.

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