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Your brand can see many benefits in undertaking an eCommerce website design project — none more critical than increasing your organization’s revenues. At StudioLabs, our engineers build eCommerce websites that convert, and our designers painstakingly create a user-friendly design to influence purchasing decisions and increase profitability for your organization. By launching a well-designed eCommerce site you can reach new demographics, expand your market penetration, and diversify your organization’s monetization avenues.

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An eCommerce website, to perform well for your organization, must include the features that make it easy for your customers to find what they need, and it should use industry-standard design principles. Mobile responsive design, or even mobile-first design, is critical; over 50 percent of all website traffic now comes from non-desktop devices. If a user arrives at your site on a smartphone and doesn’t understand the navigation, your online store is falling short. Product photography plays a huge part in conversion, as well. Out of focus, irrelevant, or incorrect product imagery lowers conversion rates on your eCommerce site and inaccurate fulfillment could frustrate customers who decide to purchase anyway.


For a complete list of eCommerce website must-haves, read our blog “Checklist for Designing an eCommerce Site that Sells”.

StudioLabs eCommerce Sites

PepsiCo Drinkfinity

We worked with Pepsico and some of their internal team members to design and build Drinkfinity’s eCommerce progressive web application (PWA). The app included product pages, subscription functionality, the cart and checkout experience, and the authenticated user account pages.

We built the site on top of Symphony eCommerce’s eComm platform. The custom header and footer integration we created pulls JSON from their main brand site to create a dynamic header and footer on the eComm site. We worked closely with Symphony Commerce and their brand agency to make sure we sent JSON in the right format. Pepsico wanted a seamless transition for site visitors as they navigate between the two different sites. We worked closely with Drinkfinity’s design agency to make sure everything matched the brand guidelines and built out their transactional email templates to spec.

Click here to view the site.

Hunter Fan

This project presented a unique challenge: designing one eCommerce site with the look and feel of two. Hunter Fan and Casablanca are sister brands which required different UX while maintaining navigability between each set of products.

We developed a solution for stylesheets based on relevant keywords. The primary navigation includes sub-navigation dropdowns and transitions to a hamburger menu when being viewed from a mobile device. The entire site is mobile responsive. The result is an elegant shopping experience for users across brands regardless of their browsing device.

Click here to view the site.


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A Note on Omnichannel eCommerce

If you’re starting a new eCommerce website, make sure to create an omnichannel strategy during the definition phase of the process. Omnichannel eCommerce means that an organization is leveraging all methods and channels for reaching new and existing customers. Leveraging newsletter signups, chatbots, marketing automation tools, and social media integrations can have a profound effect on your eCommerce sales. If a partner agency isn’t accounting for this upfront, that could be a red flag.

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eCommerce Development Company

Regardless of your industry, product offering, project complexity, or company size, developing an affordable eCommerce solution can elevate your business. Not only can an eCommerce website open new revenue streams, but it can also reach new buyers without sacrificing your brand image or existing operational processes.Reach out to StudioLabs today, establish your goals with us, and we’ll provide a quote for the work.

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