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At StudioLabs, we’ve been fueling the growth of startups for over two decades. We have extensive experience working intimately with startups, and we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with building a business from the ground up.

Here’s why startup founders trust us to bring their visions to life:

  1. Experience and Track Record: With 21 years in the industry, we’ve honed our craft and delivered countless successful projects for startups across various sectors. Our track record speaks for itself, showcasing our commitment to excellence and our ability to turn ideas into reality.
  2. Tech Agnostic Approach: We believe in leveraging the right technology for each project, regardless of the platform or framework. As a tech-agnostic agency, we have the flexibility to recommend and implement solutions that best align with your startup’s unique needs and goals.
  3. Understanding of Business Goals: We go beyond just writing code – we take the time to understand your business goals, challenges, and target market. By aligning our development efforts with your strategic objectives, we ensure that the solutions we deliver drive real business value and impact.
  4. Architecting for the Long Term: We don’t just focus on short-term fixes – we architect solutions with an eye towards long-term scalability, sustainability, and growth. Our team of seasoned architects combines technical expertise with a strategic mindset to future-proof your startup’s technology stack.
  5. Proven Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, allowing us to tackle even the most complex challenges with confidence. From MVP development to full-scale enterprise solutions, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Whether you’re launching a new product, scaling your operations, or pivoting your business model, StudioLabs is here to support you every step of the way. Partner with us and unlock the full potential of your startup’s technology journey.

Let’s build something extraordinary together.


Fotospot is “your ultimate road trip companion! Explore well over 11,000 handpicked, photo-worthy tourist attractions across all 50 United States (plus D.C.)” and allows users to view, save, “check-in”, add photos to and navigate to the platforms curated attractions.

While the Fotospot app can be used across the country, it currently features 195 handpicked, photo-worthy tourist attractions in Wyoming. Each spot includes a hero image, description, and location (with turn-by-turn directions).

Users can add new photos and comments, check-in (and earn points), and save attractions to visit later. App users can also suggest new spots to be added to the app. Each suggestion is reviewed and added to the app if approved.

Fotospot also offers 19 in-app guides that work even when you don’t have an internet connection, including two in Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. 


We built the TeleDent service on the Express Node.JS framework as a REST API which returns JSON responses that both the web and Windows applications interpret. Constructed to be future proof, TeleDent uses a powerful PostgreSQL ORM for quickly developing the complex data processing functions required today, while remaining flexible to handle the challenges of tomorrow. But this service does more than just collect data. It also acts as the intermediary to a HIPAA-compliant secure video platform, and it provides all the functionality required to handle users, video sessions, and real-time in-app notifications.

TeleDent’s cloud app, built utilizing the state of the art React framework, uses a javascript front end to create a sophisticated and dynamic user experience. It’s innovative, streamlined, and easy to use web interface manages patient data, exams, tasks, appointments, providers, provider-patient messaging and robust video conferencing capabilities.

When an internet connection isn’t available for providers delivering care at remote locations, TeleDent’s Microsoft Windows application gathers and stores all collected data locally using a SQLite database.  This data is seamlessly synced to the cloud service when the connection is restored, along with any collision handling requirements to ensure all data is up to date. The local application also integrates with the TeleDent service video platform to provide video conferencing capabilities.  Built in UWP utilizing C# and XAML, the application is conveniently offered via the Microsoft Store to ensure easy distribution and reliably-delivered software updates.


Having delivered multiple releases over the course of our 5-year partnership, MouthWatch TeleDent demonstrates our long-term commitment to our clients. We thrive on our customer’s success. And we are constantly vigilant in looking for new ways to help them push to the next level.


The team developed an all-new digital experience for Nolodex which is the first of its kind social networking platform with the ability to monetize referrals. We built integrations with Stripe to securely process subscriptions, recurring deal structures, and new member bonus payouts. Members of a community are able to search and filter across the members. Users of Nolodex can belong to multiple communities to expand their network, specialize within their industry, and even start their own networking community.

Dubbed “a SaaS platform inside of a SaaS platform”, Nolodex was also built to empower independent communities. Each community can be customized by that community owner and its group owners to define subscription and referral fee structures, recruiting bonuses, member visibility, speciality taxonomies, leaderboards, and community-wide communications.

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