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We plan, design, and build exceptional digital products for SaaS companies, ad agencies, funded startups, and direct brands large and small.

StudioLabs, with offices in New York City and Buffalo, New York, has honed a unique and effective process for designing and building websites, mobile apps, web apps, eCommerce sites, software/Saas products and various other digital products. Being able to respond to a project’s changing requirements without losing sight of established goals allows us to deliver high-quality digital products on time and on budget. StudioLabs prides itself on being capable of providing a wide range of services at an expert level, while emphasizing flexibility and agility within our partnerships.


Digital Product Discovery and Definition Product Management and Digital Strategy
User Experience Design, Wireframing, and Information Architecture User Interface Design
Product Prototyping Website and E-commerce Site Design and Development
Mobile App Design and Development SaaS Platform Design and Development
Voice App Development API Design and Development
Enterprise Business Systems Integration Digital Platform / Product Migration
Staff Augmentation Data Visualization
Website, Mobile App, and Software Maintenance

More Than Web Developers

We are a product development studio.

StudioLabs creates digital products that help accelerate your business, but our process is very different than that of larger software development “factories”. We know that every client situation is unique. While some products require an incremental fast-paced style of development so that we can get working software into the hands of users as early as possible, others require a much more traditional approach to development because the shelf life of the final product is tied to a short-lived ad/marketing campaign. Either way, our process is flexible enough to accommodate various client needs and dependencies. Pulling from traditional, agile, and Kanban methodologies, we’ve honed our process for over 15 years and we have a portfolio of thousands of successful projects to show for it.  

We measure a project’s success by our ability to meet and exceed a client’s expectations on-time and within budget. These expectations take the form of goals which we parse out during the Discovery Phase of any project. Getting parties aligned early on is a critical part of our process. Establishing project requirements, communication procedures, timelines for delivery, and the scope of work will happen during the initial stages of the partnership to limit surprises down the road.

What Makes Us Different

Two main attributes separate us from other vendors in our space: attention to detail and our emphasis on collaboration.

We hire top web developers, engineers, and project managers that fit into our culture and care about their work. From our front-end developers and software engineers to our technically fluent project managers and experienced and passionate account leads, each member of your StudioLabs team cares about the details which others may overlook. Creative design is translated pixel-perfectly by our creative technologists to ensure your brand is represented flawlessly, each application view is built consistently with agreed-upon wireframes, and the final product’s features match precisely those documented during the requirements gathering phase of the project.

Collaboration means more than just communication. Although you’ll hear from us plenty, a process which embodies collaboration between partners is one that allows for input, iteration, and revisions on strategy and process throughout. We recognize that our clients know their business better than we do and that they’ve hired us for our digital product expertise. Marrying these two realities into a collaborative partnership has yielded amazing results with hundreds of clients.

Let’s Get Started

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