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For many brands like yours, the market demands you create a mobile app. Perhaps you’ve heard that React Native can be a flexible and cost-effective development platform. While not the best tool for every project, React Native has many benefits that you should consider.

React Native is a modern framework for mobile application development. It’s a Javascript-based language that enables highly efficient development of native applications. Many leading brands and apps like Instagram, Uber, WalMart, and Amazon Prime use React Native, and for a good reason. This powerful platform allows us to build sophisticated mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, in some cases at a fraction of the cost of using traditional development methods. This adds up to a lift in ROI for our clients, which is core to StudioLabs’ approach.

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React Native Apps

Delivering ROI with React Native

Developers used to be responsible for building two separate deliverables for Android and iOS applications. With React Native, this is no longer the case. Gone are the days of having to write and maintain two distinct codebases and double the work for deploying apps to different stores. A significant reduction in the number of working hours required to create your app means a considerable reduction in your cost.

Additionally, the streamlined development process can have a significant impact on the upfront costs associated with your development project. That’s why relying on a framework like React Native, which supports hybrid application development, can save you thousands of dollars.

Native Development

React Native uses UI building blocks from Android and iOS and also allows developers to use these building blocks with Javascript and React. Additionally, React Native seamlessly interfaces with components written in Java, Swift, or Objective-C. This coding flexibility lets React Native developers efficiently merge components written in different programming languages. You can easily apply React Native UI components to an existing application’s code without overhauling work that already exists.

React Native can merge with your current development, and you aren’t forced to scrap your existing code. These facts give you another way to see a return on your investment.

React Native and UI

React Native mimics the flexibility of web app development by providing a framework that operates much like a Javascript library. However, its main function and sole priority is the users’ mobile experience.

Asynchronous Javascript interactions, completely responsive UI components, and consistent user experiences —emphasizing UI and UX across mobile devices — make React Native a top choice for developers.

React Native Development Services

Are you building an entirely new mobile app from scratch? Are you transitioning your software from an outdated framework to React Native? If you’re considering partnering with a React Native development agency for your next project, let’s start a conversation. We’ll review your requirements and goals to determine if React Native is a good fit for your project, and if not, we’ll propose a solution that makes the most sense.

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