Cool Stuff We Learned This Week… (8.16.19)

August 16, 2019

Our passion for software and web development lets us bring cutting edge solutions to even the most complex coding challenges. And the key to keeping us inspired to do our award-winning work? Curiosity.

No matter how busy we get, we have to take some time to see what’s new in the world of tech and share it, so you can get inspired, too.

We hope you enjoy this week’s roundup of cool stuff. Be sure to reach out and let us know what you think!

Smart Glass: A New Kind of AI

This sounds like it’s straight out of Sci Fi. These engineers have created “smart” glass that’s able to identify images without sensors, circuits, or a power supply. These researchers embedded tiny bubbles into a plate of glass, which acts as an optical neural network that bends the light.

But the implications are very real. What if your mobile phone could “see” your face without using the ton of battery power it takes to run AI software? What if self-driving cars could recognize traffic signals without the need for a camera or other complex devices. There’s a lot here to unpack, so click here to read more about it. Or, check out this video!

Wearable and Stretchable Health Monitor

We’re suckers for Internet of Things devices. And this stretchy health monitor is way cooler than a talking fridge. Mounted on a flexible substrate, the monitor is connected with skin-like electrodes placed on top of a printed connector. And it’s able to transmit data up to 15 meters to almost any kind of device: smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.
This sensor can continuously measure heart and respiratory rate, as well as record electrocardiogram and motion data. Kids, who are notoriously kinetic and who need 24/7 monitoring, will certainly benefit from this comfortable, waterproof device. And, this thing can be worn for several days at a time and can be recycled when it finishes its work. Curious to learn more? Check it out here.

Exploring How We’re Connected

There’s a theory that says that if you want to meet Kevin Bacon, you just need the right friend to introduce you to the right friend to introduce you to the right friend… six times. In fact, according to this theory, you can meet anyone on the planet that way.

Now, researchers out of the University of Southern California have come up with new tools to quickly identify affiliations and interrelationships faster and more accurately than existing tools.

Political analysts could use these tools to uncover where a politician and voter values overlap. And scientists could use them to predict a drug’s side effects or interactions before running years of tests. We’re also pretty sure marketers and companies will find a way to use these tools to help engage their customers, as well. Click here if you want more info!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about these cool new tech developments.

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