How to Accelerate Your Custom Software Development Project

Because technology plays such a vital part in our society, engineers developing our software are more in demand than ever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of software developers is estimated to grow 24% from 2016-2024.


While developing software is considered a science, it is also an art, and as such, it’s hard to place time constraints and deadlines. However, deadlines are inevitable. You generally don’t have the luxury of leisure, and it can get tough meeting deadlines while maintaining the quality of your work. If you’re struggling with time constraints, the following are some ways to speed up your software development without compromising its integrity.


Put Solution Accelerators to Work

Starting a project from scratch is tedious and, sometimes, unnecessary. Often, you can supplement a large part of your work with a solution accelerator which moves your starting line forward. These application components act as building blocks to automate an aspect of development or particular business process, where 30% to 70% of the code can be reused.   


Software development firms provide solution accelerators in the form of tools, frameworks, products, processes, and methodologies to accomplish a variety of tasks. Common solution accelerators include web service frameworks, user interface controls, and layout components, and user management and authentication frameworks. Aside from having pre-developed software to save you time, it also eliminates potential costly mistakes.


Increase Skills with Continued Education

The more experienced a developer is, the faster and more precisely they’ll complete their work. Experienced developers also tend to solve problems without creating new ones, keeping solutions concise and straightforward. Whether you’re hiring a high-level developer or a more budget-friendly one, a spirit of learning throughout your company will help the bottom line. Conferences, online courses, peer programming, and structured conversation within your company will foster an atmosphere of excellence and productivity.


Studiolabs puts this philosophy to work by encouraging team members to continue learning and hone their skills with bi-weekly sprint reviews, project retrospectives, and planned development team meetings.


Minimize Project Complexity

The nature of software development is intricate; however, there are a variety of things that can further complicate the process leading to unnecessary delays. In developer speak, technical debt is the equivalent of cutting corners. It might get you there faster, but with an inferior product that could lead to complications down the road. Always monitor for technical debt and have a plan to course-correct to eliminate it. It is also important to have protocols and established systems in place. Otherwise, it allows for “cowboy coders” to structure code in their own way, making it nearly impossible to build upon, fix, or integrate any of their work.


Communicate Early and Often

Having an open line of communication is imperative for the satisfaction of your project. This is especially true at the beginning of a project when the groundwork is laid. This way, if something needs to be reworked, it’s a simple fix instead of redoing the entire project down the line. Hours or days of work can be avoided by communicating regularly through communication tools like Slack, which helps teams communicate more efficiently than traditional methods like emails, phone calls, and meetings.


Outsource Your Project to a Third Party Developer

No matter how many solutions you try to implement, sometimes you don’t have the workforce or necessary skills to get the job done. This is where a third-party developer like StudioLabs comes to the rescue.

Studiolabs is a custom software development company that can speed up your project. Outsourcing your project to us, or even engaging members of our team through our staff augmentation program can also save you money because you can avoid hiring a new in-house team to get the job done. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your primary business objectives. Fill out our contact form to get in touch and we’ll get started from there.