Will Live Streaming Video Benefit Your Gym?

In a recent article, Forbes asked the question, “Is The Online Fitness Craze Here To Stay?” Apparently, the answer is “yes.” The use of live streaming and video on demand fitness apps has spiked, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’re like many of the gyms, yoga studios, and fitness experts that have come to us looking for ways to serve your customers better, you might be thinking of building a live streaming and VoD platform of your own. If that describes you, we can help you work through all the technical issues to see what technologies best fit your situation.

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Benefits of Live Streaming, VoD, and OTT Technology

Live streaming video and video on demand, when used with OTT, can revolutionize your business.

Live Streaming Video: Armed with little more than a smartphone or video camera, you can stream workouts directly to your clients. The videos you create from your live streaming platform can become the content for your video on demand service.

Video on Demand: VoD platforms allow users to stream the video content of their choice, anytime they want it. If you offer live streaming fitness classes, you can record those classes to put in your VoD library.

Over The Top: OTT refers to a content delivery method. Instead of cable companies or some other third party controlling content distribution, OTT platforms, like Roku, Amazon FireTV, and AppleTV, deliver content over the top of an internet connection. Using OTT gives you complete control over the delivery of your content.

Increase Your Reach with Live Streaming and VoD

Most of the personal trainers and gym owners who have contacted us recently started in their career because of a deep desire to help people achieve their best. Traditionally, that meant working with clients one-on-one or in small classes. However, even in the best of times, not everyone can physically make it to an in-person class. Pregnant women, busy parents, and senior citizens, for instance, often find traveling to a gym burdensome and/or time-consuming. To meet their needs, some of our clients asked us to develop fitness on demand platforms that can be accessed from home, any time of day.

Developing your own live streaming and VoD platform provides additional benefits, as well. You can target the communities you feel could most benefit from your expertise. Also, you can expand your potential client base to include the world, instead of being limited to your neighborhood.
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Partner with the Experts

If your gym is considering building a robust online presence, work with a development company that has more than a decade creating live streaming, VoD, and OTT platforms.

StudioLabs developed the streaming video and fitness on demand apps for gyms like Crunch Fitness, and we’ve been creating custom software, mobile apps, and websites for more than a decade. Over the last 3-4 years, our team has built close to a dozen live streaming video and VoD platforms. Give a call to find out more!