5 Questions to Guide the Design of Your Mobile App

There’s no shortage of mobile app users. In 2018, about 3 billion people used mobile apps around the globe with that number expected to grow to 3.8 billion in 2021¹. There’s also no shortage of exciting new app ideas just waiting to be built. A mobile app agency can turn your concept into reality, but how do you get started?

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Goals, budget, features—these are some of the factors that you will need to discuss with the developers before production begins. Let’s take a closer look at how the following questions will shape the future of your new app:


What is the Goal of the App?

Let’s work backward. If you know what the end goal is, you’ll be able to plot milestones to get there.  For example, say the purpose of the app is to grow mobile sales. You’ll want to build a sales funnel that guides customers to checkout and payment. By knowing the end-goal, you can discuss this important milestone with your mobile app design agency in your first conversation and plan the feature right from the beginning.


What Problem Will it Solve for its Users?

An app won’t find success if it doesn’t fill a specific need for its intended audience. You will want to communicate to your mobile app agency what problems you’re focusing on and your ideas about how the app could solve them. Then, the agency you’ve partnered with should provide feedback and suggest additional solutions about the best ways to solve the problems. Throughout the development process, the agency will focus on the problems and solutions to help it reach its full potential on the market.


What Features Does Your App Need to Include?

It’s best to discuss all necessary features before production begins so that the app agency will be able to develop around them. Adding a newly-imagined element late in production is often; however, this may increase the budget and significantly extend the production deadline.


Which Platforms Are You Developing For?

Different devices and operating systems require different coding practices. Apple, Android, Windows, and Amazon each offer unique devices and operating systems, all with their own particular audience demographics. Determining which platforms to develop for will allow the mobile app agency to plan accordingly. It’s common to develop for one of the major platforms first — iOS or Android — and then develop for another if there is demand.


What’s the Budget?

The budget has a significant impact on the overall success of the app before, during, and after production.


In addition to budgeting for the physical build of the app, you will need to consider a budget for the research phase. Developers use this time to investigate similar or competing apps, determine target audience demographics, and suggest key features to ensure the app performs successfully.


After the app has been deployed, it’s common to have an ongoing budget for hosting, bug fixes, optimizations, and possible new features. Some companies maintain a backlog of feature requests made by the app’s users, and many developers will provide ongoing development to continually improve the app. At the very least, you’ll want a security maintenance contract, allowing the developer to conduct quarterly maintenance to fight off security threats and keep users safe.


Make sure to come into initial discussions with your app developers with a full budget range in mind. Your mobile app agency will be sure to help you narrow down on the technology and feature options to make that budget happen.


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Consider the answers to these questions as you contact a mobile app developer. A development agency like Studiolabs is more than a company you hire to work for you – they become a strategic business partner. Download our Mobile App Development Trends eBook to learn about exciting app trends for 2019 and beyond or use our contact form to tell us about your project.