Cool stuff we learned this week… (9.06.19)

September 6, 2019

It’s the beginning of September–summer is almost over. This has been a busy year for us at StudioLabs, and we’ve been honored to work on some extremely challenging and interesting projects.

But we believe maintaining a healthy work/life balance is an essential ingredient to producing world-class work. So, we love taking a break once in a while to find out how technology shapes the world we live in.

We hope you enjoy the cool stuff we found this week. Send us a note and let us know what you think!

Self-Driving Trucks Are Here

A new report just confirmed a fleet of self-driving trucks has been on the roads between Phoenix and Tucson for weeks. The technology used for autonomous vehicles is still in its infancy, of course. But it’s pretty remarkable how far it has come. Click here to get the details.

A New State of Matter

A team of researchers believes they may have found a new state of matter suitable for hosting Majorana particles. Majorana particles are unique in that they are their own antiparticle–a particle with the same mass, but opposite spin.

Because of this unusual property, the particle may provide a more stable environment to store quantum information for quantum computing. Javad Shabani, an assistant professor of physics at New York City, observes, “The discovery of topological superconductivity in a two-dimensional platform paves the way for building scalable topological qubits to not only store quantum information, but also to manipulate the quantum states that are free of errors.” Find out more here!

Rewiring the Heart

In a very real way, the human body functions like an electric motor. And, like other electronic devices, when wires get crossed or broken, the system doesn’t work.
New research from the Texas Heart Institute used special carbon fibers to rewire the hearts of mice to improve the heart’s function. Using this technology could mean that pacemakers and other cumbersome devices won’t be necessary to fix many heart ailments. That’s a pretty exciting development! Here’s the details.

Until Next Week

We truly hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s round up of Cool Stuff. Make sure to check back next week for some more!

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