MouthWatch TeleDent

MouthWatch TeleDent, a first of its kind teledentistry platform, pushes the boundaries of the $132bn dental industry. Seizing the opportunity to leverage emerging technologies for teledentistry, MouthWatch partnered with us to create a comprehensive web-based platform to provide practitioners the tools they need to take advantage of this burgeoning market. And when the American Dental Association established formal guidelines for teledentistry, MouthWatch was one of the first to adopt these recommendations.

Our continued partnership with MouthWatch culminated in the release of TeleDent 2.0, based on insights derived from rigorous customer-driven UI and UX feedback. Now with a more scalable technology stack, expanded workflow management capabilities, and an updated user interface design, the latest platform will allow TeleDent to continue adding new sought-after, industry-driven features. Already underway is a plug-and-play electronic health record (EHR) integration and patient-facing communication portal. MouthWatch will be setting the industry standard for years to come with this powerful platform.

MouthWatch’s TeleDent platform consists of three key architectural components: the underlying TeleDent service, the cloud-based web interface, and the Microsoft Windows application.

At its core, TeleDent’s service-oriented architecture is the central nervous system for the web-based cloud interface and the Microsoft Windows application. The local Windows app, using a store and forward methodology, collects data from offline exams and provides tools for real-time communication. Using this tool, remote caregivers can collaboratively capture patient information, as well as share intraoral camera imagery. They can also conduct live video streams with in-office providers, who can then create, manage and digitally deliver patient treatment plans through the cloud interface and patient messaging portal, and manage workflows through tasks and even manage appointments for patients. TeleDent is an incredibly ambitious platform that not only delivers the powerful value proposition set forth by the MouthWatch team but also rigorously adheres to stringent HIPAA guidelines that are not yet entirely aligned with still-nascent teledentistry industry innovations.

We built the TeleDent service on the Express Node.JS framework as a REST API which returns JSON responses that both the web and Windows applications interpret. Constructed to be future proof, TeleDent uses a powerful PostgreSQL ORM for quickly developing the complex data processing functions required today, while remaining flexible to handle the challenges of tomorrow. But this service does more than just collect data. It also acts as the intermediary to a HIPAA-compliant secure video platform, and it provides all the functionality required to handle users, video sessions, and real-time in-app notifications.

TeleDent’s cloud app, built utilizing the state-of-the-art React framework, uses a javascript front end to create a sophisticated and dynamic user experience. It’s innovative, streamlined, and easy to use web interface manages patient data, tasks, appointments, providers, provider-patient messaging, and robust video conferencing capabilities.

When an internet connection isn’t available for providers delivering care at remote locations, TeleDent’s Microsoft Windows application gathers and stores all collected data locally using an SQLite database. This data is seamlessly synced to the cloud service when the connection is restored, along with any collision handling requirements to ensure all data is up to date. The local application also integrates with the TeleDent service video platform to provide video conferencing capabilities. Built-in UWP utilizing C# and XAML, the application is conveniently offered via the Microsoft Store to ensure easy distribution and reliably-delivered software updates.

Having delivered multiple releases over the course of our 6-year partnership, MouthWatch TeleDent demonstrates our long-term commitment to our clients. We thrive on our customer’s success. And we are constantly vigilant in looking for new ways to help them push to the next level.