Pizza Party

Pizza Party is the third mobile collaboration between StudioLabs and Ghosty Inc.. This native mobile application allows users to purchase unique digital stickers from artists to share through a direct iMessage integration.

To buy stickers, users gather digital currency in the form of pizza slices. The eponymous Pizza Party is a daily augmented reality game built with ARKit, in which users can battle the clock to grab free slices from around the room before they disappear.

Currently an iOS-only application, Pizza Party’s front-end was built using React Native with Redux and TypeScript to make it flexible enough to port for a future Android release. Version 1.0 though is full of features, including phone number and Facebook login support, a user activity feed, Favoriting functionality, and integration with In-App Purchases and Apple push notification services powered by OneSignal. In addition to the core application, the embedded iMessage extension, traditionally only available through native development, was reworked into a react-native implementation and allows the two applications to share data and communicate.

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Gather AR pizza currency

& use to buy digital stickers you can use in texts

"This app is a wonderful and fun way to discover artists and make use of their stickers in today’s age of social media."

– App Store Reviewer