Hunter Fan

How do you implement one site but have the look and feel of two? That was the task Hunter Fan faced moving to our partner Symphony Commerce for their online shopping experience.  The site needed to be nimble enough to stylistically switch between their dual brands, Hunter Fan and Casablanca, showcasing two distinctively different product lines yet create a unified customer experience.  StudioLabs solved this issue by stepping in and create styling/templates based on URL keyword.

In addition to dual branding, StudioLabs created a global sticky header that included an announcement banner, primary navigation with sub-navigation dropdowns, hamburger menu for mobile, global subheader search & shortcut bar styling as well as a global footer including important links and social media icons. Content carousels were also added with featured items, text, imagery, and pagination indicators that beautifully captured the lifestyle of each product line.

Along the way, we integrated front end styling of third party APIs including Algolia for search, BazaarVoice for the galleries and carousels, Scene7 for product images and functional documents, and Storemapper for all their retail store locations. Hunter Fan was able to bring together product and design in an elegant shopping presence.

Hunter Fan was able to bring together product and design in an elegant shopping presence.

Not only did StudioLabs build the site frontend, we also built a post-checkout warehouse EDI integration that acted as the go-between for the website and the warehouse fulfillment center. We streamlined transactions for Hunter Fan by implementing near-real time sales, inventory, and shipment reporting between JDE (ERP System) and Symphony Commerce’s system. The system retrieves order details once a customer completes the checkout process, and continues to track the order after it has shipped from the warehouse, while ingesting flat files sent by the warehouse that contain inventory information. Building the site on the Symphony Commerce platform, and building out the custom warehouse integration allows Hunter Fan to efficiently fulfill orders from start to finish.