Luxury luggage brand, Travelpro set out to refresh its outdated website in 2017. After choosing Symphony Commerce’s eComm platform to handle the e-commerce side of the site, they wanted to focus on large, high-quality imagery that showcased their product lines. Travelpro also wanted to build out their airline partnership program, which allows airline personnel from partner airlines to purchase products at discounted rates.

We built a sophisticated frontend for the site that put the company’s product collections at the forefront. The site has a clear message and an obstacle-free path from product discovery to customer checkout, and the improved interface makes it easy for customers to find the luggage they need for every occasion.

Key UX improvements include:

  • Customizable sticky headers used for navigation and important announcements
  • Content carousels displaying featured items and the brand’s social media presence
  • Product pages with interactive color swatches
  • Embedded store locators obstacle-free path from product discovery to customer checkout.

For the custom airline personnel program integration, we built an API that interacts with Symphony Commerce’s user credential API. When airline personnel provides valid credentials, they are then directed to the appropriate airline category page where they can buy products specific to that airline program. Each airline partner was set up to have its own custom branding, custom login, and custom account page.

On top of building out the site frontend, we also built a post-checkout warehouse EDI integration that acted as the middleman between the eComm site and the warehouse fulfillment center. For this, we implemented near real-time sales, inventory, and shipment reporting between JDE (ERP System) and Symphony Commerce’s system. The system retrieves order details once a customer completes the checkout process, tracks orders shipped from the warehouse, and ingests flat files with inventory information sent from the warehouse. This integration, when combined with the site frontend, created a seamless customer experience from start to finish.